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Welcome to the new homepage of the DREAM ALLIANCE

    Welcome to the Dream Alliance, an intercontinental alliance with slots on EVERY continent of the world. We came from small roots back in V2 of Cyber Airlines, but grew into better times in V3.

    There has been some harsh times experienced in both versions, but we have always managed to pull through and succeed in the game. Originally founded by Jimmy Qiu in V2, the Dream Alliance grew from humble roots, with Toronto as their HQ. From V2, there were a few VGM changes.
    Ultimately, the alliance grew, until hard times in the December of 2009. Both Alliance GMs were inactive, and the alliance was loosing members. Eventually, Mattdog75, current Alliance GM, came back and became Alliance GM of the Dream Alliance. The Alliance had to regain members, for the alliance count was small. Through tough recruiting, the Dream Alliance slowly grew back into the former glory it once held.

           When V3 came, the rebirth of the Dream Alliance was back. Now, the Dream Alliance is a leading Alliance in the game, with currently owning 14 SLOTS ON EVERY SINGLE CONTINENT IN THE GAME!!!!! We offer open membership to anyone and 10% fuel assistance to all members! We are one out of the few alliances to have 84 alliance slots!
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caighil, Sep 29, 11 11:08 AM.
Congrats 2 Norrin for reaching 40 rating! Congrats 2 Caighil for achieving 50 rating! Congrats 2 Brikkon for reaching 750 rating! & a late congrats to Phill for being #24 in CA!!!


New VGM Named

caighil, Sep 29, 11 11:04 AM.
Congratulations to Norrin of Qaudis Air for being named the new Vice GM of the Dream Alliance. There is no better Bee to run the Hive then you!
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